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Ami Orko Age:23 Hight:5.4 HSC complete korche taka r jonno study korte parteche na..jodi kaw k beya Last login: 1 year ago

About Me

Ami Orko Age:23 Hight:5.4 HSC complete korche taka r jonno study korte parteche na..jodi kaw k beya kore study korte partam.. I am single.. Never marriage befor.. jekono Pattri hole hobe..ama k just life egote help korte hobe..Devorce hole o hobe...2/3 year boro hole o problem ney. inbox me. Or Call me direct:01832867147/+8801780111132 Kew moja ba Ojtha Distrub korben na

Looking for

I'm looking for a "Wife" a life time partner not a girlfriend.Now I have to say please ladies and gentlemen men of 'Lovely decent Singles Connect' let's show some love. I know I'm not that cute like Chris Brown but I sure have a cute heart to love a woman and treat her like the Queen that she is..Sometimes u will find a man flirting with multiple ladies on the group!!,not because he is weak but bcuz he has tried his best to get the attention of a woman he desires but got turned down, ladies try not to be too selective u might be counting the stars while the moon passes you by. And guys always open up to the lady you find attractive, all the ladies here are soo beautiful, strong black queens, intelligent with good sense of humor, don't be surprise if they tell you they're single most of them are single for being too gorgeous, everyone thinks they are taken, someare taken for granted and dieing inside, a lady can hide a million tears behind a single smile. all I'm saying is that I wanna see couples come out on this platform to declare their testimoniesof finding their life partner here. I don't only want to see that. I also wanna me et my life partner here and give testimony. v too. Thanks Everyone

General Information

Naogaon, Rajshahi 

Education & Career



5'4" (163 cm) 
115lbs (52 kg) 

Religious & Social Background


Profile last update: 1 year ago